The power of videos in marketing

The power of videos in marketing

In a world of short attention spans, video is the most potent medium to tell your brand’s story. Videos are interactive and engaging, making them more likely to capture the attention of your audience. You can showcase your product, create a uniquely immersive experience or boost brand awareness, all by wielding the power of video. All of these compelling reasons are what make video a widely popular medium for interaction in the world of marketing. A staggering 93% of brands claim that they acquire customers via videos on social platforms. Similarly, 84% of customers claim that a brand’s video marketing campaign has persuaded them to try a new product or service. All of these factors come together to crown video as the undisputed king of marketing and the number one way for a consumer to discover a new brand.

Better Faster Marketing is a full-service marketing and branding agency that caters to all your video support needs. We offer a complete service package that ensures all your videos will reach your target audience and improve traffic for your business. Our seasoned experts can create powerful visuals that will bring your brand to life, helping you forge a more meaningful connection with your customers. Our video support services include a Spanish to English translation service to enable you to reach your target audience and boost the sales of your product.

Tell your brand’s story

Marketing is so much more than just analyzing data and creating presentations. Marketing is a platform that allows you to communicate the essence of your brand to your audience. From your mission and vision to your values and offering, marketing is a podium that allows you to educate your audience about your business. No two brand stories are alike. From your origin to your product, every brand has a unique offering that it brings to the market.

Video is an effective medium that allows you to artistically portray your brand’s story, allowing your audience to form a personal connection with your brand. Video is a unique medium that can capture the emotion and value behind your business while effectively translating it onto a screen. When your brand is represented visually, it prompts buyers to persuade buyers to flock to you. Video marketing is an engaging marketing experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

At Better Faster Marketing, we pride ourselves on being expert storytellers. Whether you are a startup or a globally recognized brand. We can help you communicate your brand’s story to your target market, allowing you to increase your brand awareness across your industry.

Target a multicultural audience

A striking video is of no use if your audience fails to understand it. A video should not only be scripted well but should also be in the language of your target audience. In the globalized world of today, global companies all over the world rely on multilingual video content. Now more than ever, inclusion and diversity are the cornerstones of any successful marketing campaign. A well-translated video can open the doors to a whole new audience, creating new avenues for customer acquisition and retention.

At Better Faster Marketing, we understand the value of diversity and lay great emphasis on inclusion. We have a fully trained team of translators that can translate any video into Spanish, allowing you to communicate freely with your Spanish audience. Our highly skilled translators are well versed in not only the Spanish language but also understand cultural references making the translation process more accurate and seamless. By utilizing our services, you can ensure that your videos will transcend the barriers of culture and language and create new avenues for market expansion. We also offer a complete customer support experience that caters to Spanish speakers. Whether you need help in person or online, our trained staff will make sure that all your queries are fully addressed.

Enjoy a seamless video support experience

At Better faster Marketing, we specialize in a vast array of multilingual videos that can improve your marketing strategy and increase brand awareness for your business. Our team collaborates to brainstorm striking visuals that align with your brand, enabling you to communicate with your audience via the power of video. We strive to make the experience as seamless as possible. From offering consultations to understanding expectations, we are well prepared in all aspects of video marketing to ensure that the end result is nothing short of perfect.

Get whiteboard video production and translation services

Persuasive and engaging, whiteboard animations are one of the most popular forms of videos on the internet. They allow brands to educate their audience in a unique way, allowing potential customers to fully understand the product and its application. At Better Faster Marketing, our wide array of animators, videographers, and illustrators work together to ensure that your experience is well-rounded. Moreover, our translators can translate your whiteboard animation to Spanish, allowing you to target your Spanish demographic.

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