Protect your service by getting your service mark certified

Protect your service by getting your service mark certified

In the highly competitive business landscape of today, standing apart from the competition is more important than ever before. The rise of capitalism has caused the market to be flooded with businesses, all offering similar services without any differentiation. A unique strategy, excellent services, or unbeatable prices are not enough to help you raise as an industry leader. Being successful in your line of business is only possible if you distinguish your brand and services from those that are offered by your competitors.

To make sure that your service remains unparalleled, you should look towards getting a certified service mark for your business. Better Faster Marketing offers comprehensive certification services that can handle all the intricacies of your service mark certification process. From checking the availability of your service mark to completing the application process, our seasoned professionals can cater to all your certification needs.

What is a service mark?

A service mark is a certified symbol that helps to distinguish your services from those that are provided by other companies existing within your service domain. A service mark can take a multitude of forms, ranging from a logo or a symbol to a phrase or a musical tune or even a combination of all of these elements. A service mark acts as an extra layer of protection for your business, preventing competing businesses from using any insignias or names that can imply a connection with your business, confusing your customers.

Similar to a trademark, any textual or visual symbol that captures the essence of your brand can form your unique service mark. For example, a brand slogan or advertising text can act as a service mark. Similarly, an iconic logo, like a logo or a mascot that is unique to your brand, can make for an effective service mark. Even a sound, like a jingle or a tune, can act as a service mark. A service mark is indicated by displaying the symbol for a service mark, “SM”, in superscript next to your service mark. You can reference your service mark in all of your business correspondence as well as on your equipment and concerned facilities.

Who needs a service mark?

Anyone who is an active member of the service industry can benefit from a service mark. Whether you are a transport service or plumbing business, a service mark will enable you to differentiate your brand from the rapidly increasing number of competitors. Service marks are a guaranteed way of protecting your intellectual property. While they do not offer protection on the physical aspects of your business, they protect any defining symbols that can be associated with your brand. If you do not get your service mark certified, other companies can steal and use your idea.

Service marks enable customers to differentiate between the quality of service at similar companies when purchasing services. Without service marks, other companies can attempt to impersonate other more successful companies, not only seeking illegitimate benefits and profits but also risking the reputation of successful businesses. By adding a service mark to your brand, you can maintain an elevated level of service without inferior brands maligning your name.

Steps to register a service mark

At Better Faster Marketing, we are committed to simplifying your service mark certification process. Getting your service mark certified can be a long and daunting process that spans several complicated steps. With Better Faster Marketing by your side, you can get your service mark registered quickly and without getting hindered by any unnecessary complications.

○ Checking for availability

Before you can register your service mark, you need to ensure that it is not certified by another brand. To carry out a preliminary search, you can check the USPTO database for any national or local companies that might be using the service mark you want to use. At this point, you should also ensure that your service mark is not extremely similar to a competitor or a service in the same geographical area as you. If everything seems to be in order, you can reach out to professionals at Better Faster Marketing for a more formal search.

○ Preparing the certification application

The certification application has several requirements that need to be met before your service mark can be registered. To register your certification application, you need to clearly represent your service mark and how it is linked to your brand and service. Better Faster Marketing can help you file your certification application by taking over the process. Our seasoned experts are well versed in the requirements of a certification application, enabling them to offer valid guidance about the service mark certification process.

○ Monitoring your certification application

Getting your service mark certified is a complex process that can span over several months. Our dedicated experts can keep track of your application and monitor any changes to make sure that your certification process is as seamless as possible.

At Better Faster Marketing, we offer a comprehensive certification experience. We cater to businesses of all origins, offering Spanish translation services to ensure we cater to a diverse group of clients. Our seasoned experts can provide you with certification for your business by helping you acquire a service mark for your brand. We can also place your business in our Spanish Certified Business Directory so that you can gain traffic from Spanish-speaking customers and clients.

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